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“Minwater” (which means Little Water) is situated 24km southwest of the town of Oudtshoorn, in the foothills of Gamka Mountain.

Minwater Eco Adventures

Minwater Eco Adventures is based at Minwater (Little Water), which is located 24km southwest of the town of Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo (Little Karoo). The area stretches from Montagu in the west to Uniondale in the east and from the top of the Swartberg Mountain Range in the north and the top of the Outeniqua and Langeberg Ranges in the south. The Klein Karoo is a transitional region between the western winter rainfall area and the eastern summer rainfall area and as a result gets both summer and winter rain. Apart from the mountain ranges, however, the area is regarded as a semi-desert because of the low rainfall. Nonetheless, the Klein Karoo is blessed with an amazing diversity of plants and other wildlife.

Minwater Eco Adventures offers a wide range of activities aimed at creating awareness of the wonders of nature and the need for responsible human behaviour regarding the natural environment. Consequently, clients will be enriched with enhanced knowledge and understanding of the creatures and objects of nature, as well as improved skills of observation and interpretation.

We invite you on a journey of exploration and discovery!

Interpretative Nature Tours

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the breakfast menu pointed out in nature one morning: milk bush, spekboom (bacon tree), sausages, bread bush, botterboom (butter tree) and tea bush? And what is on the menu for the animals? Rabbit food, tortoise food, ostrich food, jackal food and buck food! Or to be told that a variety of animals are hiding away quite close to you, but in such a manner that on close scrutiny only some body parts are visible? And when you think that your leg is being pulled, to be shown a pig’s tail, an elephant’s foot, a baboon’s ear, a rabbit’s tail, a duck’s foot, an ox’s tongue, an ostrich’s neck, an agama’s foot, a lizard’s tail and a mouse’s nipple?

Cardinal Woodpecker

Activities at Minwater Eco Adventures