Fauna & Flora

Minwater Fauna

If one is observant, many species of mammals or signs of their presence can be detected at Minwater. The following species have been sighted: klipspringer, common duiker, grysbok, steenbok, grey rhebok, eland, kudu, scrub hare, Smith’s rock rabbit, rock hyrax, porcupine, several species of mouse and rat, baboon, striped polecat, small grey mongoose, yellow mongoose, water mongoose, small-spotted genet, honey badger, Cape clawless otter, aardvark, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, caracal, African wild cat and leopard.

More than 160 species of birds have been sighted at Minwater, including a number of Southern African and Western Cape endemics. (In the whole of the Klein Karoo more than 250 species of birds occur).

Furthermore, the Klein Karoo is an important area of biodiversity for reptiles and a large variety of invertebrates.

Minwater Flora

About 600 plant species can be found at Minwater. Your host will point out (on request, at Minwater or elsewhere) many species with interesting names and ‘stories’ such as glass eye, concertina bush, goat choker, powder puff, khaki button, soap bush, mother-in-law’s chair and hairy nipple.

Despite the somewhat drab appearance of the vegetation, the Klein Karoo boasts an astonishing diversity of succulents and other plants, because in the area three biomes which are international hotspots of biodiversity, namely the Succulent Karoo, Fynbos and Subtropical Thicket, converge. (A hotspot is an area which is exceptionally rich in biodiversity compared to other areas in the same category). Some of the plants of the Great Karoo (Nama Karoo Biome) occur in the Klein Karoo as well. Consequently, in the whole of the Klein Karoo more than 3200 plant species occur.

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