I had a wonderful time talking at the University of the Third Age in Knysna earlier this year. And their visit to Minwater was one of the highlights of 2019. Here’s an excerpt from their October 2019 Newsletter:

Following the fascinating presentation Louis Jordaan gave us in January, we took up his offer to visit Minwater when
the plants were on display. A group of us went on Thursday 19th September, and another group on Thursday 3rd
October. We had the advantage of transport in Anthony Botes’ new combi and set off early to arrive as arranged at
10am. Having been there before, I knew that we were in for a treat and within minutes both our eyes and mouths were
open in amazement. Right at our feet, tucked in under an apparently dead “bush”, Louis showed us a
mesembryanthemum which seemed to have droplets of water on its leaves, and fine hairs on the stem, only visible
using a magnifying glass! Within minutes we were searching under the “nurse” plants for more hidden treasures. It did
entail getting down to ground level in many instances!!!
Although the distance covered was short, we were exposed to such a wealth of intriguing plants that we realised that
the dry seemingly empty landscape was a treasure trove of unique plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions
and what a privilege to have Louis to show and explain these adaptations. The hours flew past and it was with reluctance
that we had to leave…but will certainly return for more of the magic of Minwater and the encyclopediac
knowledge of Louis! – Judy Dixon, U3A Knysna Newsletter, October 2019

Thank you! We at Minwater are looking forward to more interactions in future with this fascinating group of people.