Birdwatching is a hobby everybody can participate in, expert birders, as well as those not so expert…

Expert Bird watcher

Birds can be observed everywhere – in or from your garden, and even from the comfort of your own home!  And quite a variety – birds are not locked down! So, grab your binoculars and bird book, or just look, listen and enjoy!

Keep in mind, though, that the species common in your area and garden will be determined by aspects such as where in our country you find yourselves, and the type and density of trees and other vegetation in your garden and the immediate area. However, start by watching out for common birds, which even for novices, should be easy to identify, such as:

Cape Robin-Chat (Gewone Janfrederik),

Cape Wagtail (Gewone Kwikkie),

Cape Sparrows (Gewone mossies),

Laughing Dove (Rooiborsduifie), and


To be continued…