To the uninformed nature is a closed book and even those familiar with the natural environment often encounter unknown areas or aspects which they would like to learn more about.
Indeed, each plant, animal and object, although seemingly insignificant, is a treasure chest of secrets and ‘stories’ waiting to be explored. Some aspects are clear and easily explained. Discovering other secrets and unravelling many mysteries may require an expert and trained “eye”. Talking about eyes, of course to really experience nature requires more than the use of eyes and ears. To make an excursion an adventure all five senses should be used. It is worth doing a proper interpretative nature tour with a knowledgeable nature guide; and I am not referring to big -five-lots-of-flowers guides! Such a tour will broaden the understanding and appreciation of the natural environment in any area.

Learn to notice the tiny things: Drosanthemum hispidum – Dew plant – with ant.

Keep in mind though: Even so-called experts scratch the surface. The more one knows about the natural environment, the more one realises how much more one has yet to learn, because the field is as wide as nature! True nature lovers are keen observers, wonder about everything, accept nothing as obvious and never stop asking questions. They discover and learn for life; after all, exploring nature is a journey, not a destination!