In the previous installment of Nature Adventures around the House, I walked you through my Miniature Wildlife Park and showed you some of its beautiful creatures.


It is not all moonshine and roses for these inhabitants of your garden! As in any game park there are those that prey on others.


“You mean predators in my garden!?”


Quite so, come have another look, apart from birds and reptiles you should find vicious predators, such as:



Naaldekoker Photo: Louis Jordaan


Mantis Photo: Louis Jordaan

Lynx spiders,

Lynx spider Photo Louis Jordaan

Green lynx spiders, and

Green Lynx Spider Photo: Louis Jordaan

Crab spiders.

Krapspinnekop Photo: Louis Jordaan

Always ready to pounce on the unwary!

Spinnekop! Photo: Louis Jordaan

Spinnekop 2 Photo: Louis Jordaan

Though, sometimes, even they decide that it is better to be safe than sorry!

Spinnekop 3 Photo: Louis Jordaan